Duramax Navigation Upgrade

by Ben Tyler and "DieselBreath" 2005

There are several modifications that you will have to do to install a Navigation system into your Duramax truck. In order to make this upgrade, your truck will need to have an existing OEM BOSE sound system installed and you will have to change the pin locations on the wiring harness for the new LUX amp and have a dealer possibly re-program the system.

You will need to change the pin-outs of the wire harness for the AMP. Follow these instructions

Additional information can be found in this Word document  and additional pin-out diagrams.

You may also need to have a dealer tech use a TECH to to configure and clear theftlock using these steps.

Next, follow the steps in the photos. Each photo has a brief description of the mods taken. The photos are not in order.


Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your navigation system.


Updated: 3/05/11

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