AMP Harness MODS


This is your AMP harness.  You’re looking at the end that plugs into the AMP.  Follow these instructions on moving the wires to their new destinations inside this harness to finalize the NAVIGATION RADIO INSTALL.  The best way to move the wires around is one row at a time.  Remove all the wires from the “A” row first.  Using the end of a medium sized paperclip, insert the end into the larger of the two holes while pushing IN on the wire.  You will push the paper clip end into the hole just above the wire you’re trying to remove; the paper clip will be inserted in the end of the harness that pushes into the AMP, not the end that the wires are on.  When you have the paper clip inserted all the way, move it around a little to make sure the tab that holds the pin into the connector is loose.  Then gently pull the wire and pin out.  DO NOT PULL HARD!, the wire should come out easily……if it doesn’t, roll the paper clip end around a little more to release the pin.  Do the same with row “B” after the changes have been made to “A”.  One last thing that needs to be done to finish the amp install will be to run a wire from PIN “A1” of the RADIO harness (behind the dash), or PIN “A1” of the rear audio radio harness (mounted in the console for the back seat passengers) to PIN “B10” of the AMP harness.  You will need to pull the wire out of the harness and solder a wire to it running to the AMP harness in its correct location.  This wire is the “CLASS II DATA WIRE” that will allow the NAV to communicate with the AMP, and the rest of the truck via the BCM (body control module), again……. run a wire from PIN “A1” on either radio, to PIN “B10” on the AMP harness.  Follow the chart below for current positions (left), and the positions the wires need to be moved to (right), to get the AMP to communicate with the NAV.









With the wires that are left over, simply tape the ends off individually and tuck them away.  You will need to cut the end off of one of those unused wires and solder the pin to that class II wire you ran from either of the radios and push it into “B10”.  When all this is finished, turn the truck on and let it initialize for a moment.  Then turn the radio on and all should be fine.  There are some situations where AMP programming will be needed EVEN AFTER THIS WIRING MOD IS DONE.  Most of the time it is not.  A separate document will be attached to this one showing the colors of each wire so as to better keep track of the wires.